In Progress

  • The Hidden Costs of Deforestation: Evidence from Uganda (with Stephan Dietrich, Stafford Nichols, and Firminus Mugumya)

  • Forest Loss and Subjective Well-being Around the World.

  • Specialization Choice and Switching Behavior in Public Policy Students (with Mindel van der Laar)


  • Senge, P., and Weidinger, M. (2020). MEP’s Receptiveness to Third Country Interests in the Framework of ACP-EU Parliamentary Diplomacy. NORTIA. [paper] [media] [bib]

  • Weidinger, M. (2019). Ethno-national Confrontation and Electoral Choice. Peace and Progress 4(1), 3-29. [paper] [bib]


  • Child Labour in Response to Climate Change [paper] [code] [bib]